Our History

Brief Synopsis of Sollers Church History!

In 1874 Leaders, Frank Mitchell, William Buck Owens and Charles A. Sollers had a dream and from that dream they established a religious meeting place under the Methodist Faith.  Originally the small Chapel was built on Shepherd’s land and served not only as a house of worship, but as a public schoolhouse for the negro/colored children doing the week.  A few years later the Chapel was relocated to land which had been secured by Charles A. Sollers and moved to the site of the old fellowship hall.

Although Charles Sollers whom the church is currently named, was instrumental in obtaining the church’s first site, his name in the church’s history is predated by that of Charles Walker, the first appointed minister by the Washington Conference in 1874.  The first building was known as Walkers Chapel established 1874 and renovated in 1876 at a cost of $750.

In 1913 Walkers Chapel was rebuilt and renamed Sollers Methodist Episcopal Church.

Sollers Episcopal Church was renamed Sollers United Methodist Church and was rebuilt in 1981

Records show that from 1875 to 1907 the church had eleven different pastors and from 1913-1961 the church had 14 different pastors.

From 1962-present there have been 11 different pastors including our current Pastor Rev Wamble.

From 1913 to 1961

Under the Leadership of Rev A. H Durham Sister Ruth Collins was installed as the first Sunday School teacher.  Under Rev Key the Silver Leaf Circle was formed Sister Marvel Holt was appointed president.  Under the guidance of Revs John Evans and Rufus Abernathy Brother Methuselah Pumphrey was inspired to become the Church Lay Leader and Lay Speaker.

In 1962 Rev Douglas Bowman served as pastor over four churches for 21 years, under his leadership the Usher Board was formed and Sister Sarah Evans was appointed to the lead the ushers.

In 1974 – 100 years later Rev Bowman embarked on the expansion program for a larger and more modern house of worship.  This was done in three phases, the first phase was completed in 1976 and the final stage was completed in 1981.  In 1986 the church erected a steeple, a beacon to the community and a glorious momentum to God.

In 1989 Sollers became a two point Charge joined by Union Bayfront Road.

During Rev Donald Adams tenure Sollers became a one point charge.

In 2005 under the Leadership of Rev John Coursey families donated new windows for the church.

2016 Sollers became a two-point charge serving with St. Matthews, Shady Side under the Leadership of our current pastor Rev. Marvin Wamble.

To God Be the Glory!